Havmeksan Pharma

As Havmeksan Pharma, we give service with our experienced civil, mechanical, electrical, process engineering, qualification/validation engineering and consultant engineering team in pharmaceutical industry.

Our founding purpose: is to make GMP certificated turnkey projects to be successful in all European health authorities and T.R. Ministry of Health inspections for Pharmaceutical and Food Industry.

Our Activity Areas

  • Technical/Engineering/GMP Consultancy in Pharmaceutical Industry (concept, design, application),
  • All Construction, infrastructure, trim works,
  • Pre-treatment, PW (pure water), WFI (Water for injection), PS (pure steam), clean air, clean nitrogen lines projecting,
  • HVAC system and All mechanical installation designs (heating, cooling, ventilation, steam, fire, compressed air etc.) and applying them,
  • Designing and applying electric installations (high current, weak current, infrastructure etc.),
  • Mounting, starting turnkey projects,
  • Projecting and starting of manufacturing equipment, manufacturing boilers and water tanks,
  • Projecting and starting of product transfer systems, CIP/SIP systems,
  • Projecting, manufacturing and mounting of clean room, wall panel, ceiling, door, Pass-Box, interlock systems,
  • Making Qualification/Validation activities (machine/equipment, system qualifications, computerized system validations, network qualification),
  • When required, supplying of needed pharmaceuticals, products, machines and equipment with optimum cost, FAT, SAT, mounting and starting,
  • Computerized system validation, data security and integration training,
  • Decreasing/optimization of process costs.


Mersis : 0459 0295 7820 0012
Commercial Registry Number : 246753
Tax Office / Number : Başkent / 459 029 57 82